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NDTV scams

NDTV scams

NDTV is the first high priest in this series. NDTV is a popular TV channel in India. It dishes dirt on many on daily basis. With so many brow-beatings everyday, it easily qualifies as a high priest.

Ravinar at has detailed multitudes of NDTV scams here. NDTV has 21 subsidieries, many foreign, that it uses to launder money. FERA and IT scams. NDTV helps the God of allocations, P Chidambaram, using these subsidieries to launder money. And, to top it off, they also pull a traditional conflict-of-interest scam, by landing their employee’s wife as their income tax officer, who goes on to issue them a refund instead of asking them for tax !


The high priests of Democracy

Democracy has become a big money game. The ministers, cabinet scretaries and officials in high posts have turned into equivalent of greek Gods. And, a number of middlemen and women have appeared to facilitate favors and payouts. Akin to high priest, they take up moral pretenses to gain acceptance and use that to run their influence peddling schemes.

In India, one can drop a microphone anywhere and catch someone talking corruption. These pretenders create their anti-corruption halos and then go on to broker government allocations. It is no suprise that they have taken homes in media. With freedom of press, they can cover their tracks very easily.

Congress has preferred allocations over public auctions in just about everything – from 2G to coal, which makes this high priesting especially lucrative. Islamists, some in India, many in neighboring countries, also need help with posing as victims. I am sure there are other ‘revenue streams’ as well.

I am planning to post (or link to) items related to

– Posings – the instances of high-priesting where the posers are trying to earn their credit

– Sale – The instances where they are cashing in their credits to gain respectability for their sponsors.

– Payouts – Backroom deals that benefit these high priests,

– Suspected bid invitations – Suspect action from government that look like invitation to influence peddlers

And, anything else related.